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  1. 1. continue, retain, preserve, sustain, carry on, keep, keep up, prolong, uphold, nurture, conserve, perpetuate You should always maintain your friendships. continue end, finish, drop, give up, conclude, suspend, abolish, terminate, break off, relinquish, discontinue.
  2. the American effort to maintain its lead in nuclear technology we are maintaining prices at pre-budget levels the department maintains many close contacts with the chemical industry push yourself to make friends and maintain the friendships emergency powers to try and maintain law and order the government was right to maintain interest rates at a high level ensure standards are maintained at.
  3. maintain the highest standards v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." (ensure finest quality) assicurare standard elevati vtr verbo transitivo o transitivo pronominale: Verbo che richiede un complemento oggetto: " Lava la mela prima di mangiar la.
  4. Apr 06,  · Maintain Lyrics: Oh, you think you're fancy now with that, uh / What is that on your wrist there, uh / That a Rolex? / (Git, git, git, git, git) / Bust down, Rollie, Audemars, Plain Jane / Blow.
  5. Cocktail is a general purpose utility for macOS that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. It is a powerful digital toolset that helps hundreds of thousands of Mac users around the world get the most out of their computers every day.
  6. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " I want to maintain my blood pressure level. (want, need, try, have) " Communication helps to maintain a good relationship. (helps) Used with nouns: " She was able to maintain her dignity through the difficult moments. (dignity, confidence, strength, composure, integrity, control) " Maintain pressure on the wound for at least a minute.
  7. Note: Dear BM/DBM, LAM request is not required for iMaintain access. You will be able to login in iMaintain once your employee id is mapped in Branch Network Portal. Please contact Branch Banking Team for portal updation.
  8. maintain translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'mail train',main',main man',mainland', examples, definition, conjugation.
  9. maintain (v.) c. , maintenen, "to support, uphold, aid;" also "hold fast, keep in possession, preserve from capture or loss," from Anglo-French meintenir (Old French maintenir, 12c.) "keep (a wife), sustain; persevere in, practice continually," from Latin manu tenere "hold in the hand," from manu, ablative of manus "hand" (from PIE root *man-(2) "hand") + tenere "to hold," from PIE root.

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