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8 thoughts on “ Fade-Crack Down - Nurse With Wound - Nurse With Wound (1): 1979-1992 (CD)

  1. A collection of odds and ends that alternates between amusing, intriguing, and a few constituent parts of existing albums for Nurse With Wound aficionados to get excited by. Scrag! offers up a lot of the same material from an earlier cassette-only release, although some tracks feature alternate mixes, and two pieces are exclusive.
  2. May 07,  · Fade / Crack Down: B6: Ritva Sings For The World: B7: Peccadillo: B8: Great-God-Father-Nieces: B9: It Just Ain't So (Slight Return) B A Little Missing Part Of 'Homotopy To Marie' B S.B.B. Dragged Through A Hedge Backwards: B Scrapie: B Flea Bite: B Scrambled Egg Rebellion In The Smegma Department.
  3. This is the music he has waited years for. This is his music, and it sets off a catalytic spark in him. His little brother is drafted to write down the names of the bands Palais Schaumburg, Der Plan, Deutsch- Amerikanische Freundschaft, Lorenz Lorenz, Der Körper und die Seele (The Body And The Soul).
  4. 1: 6: Turn-down+FHL transfer (1-incision) 7/M/ 2: 9: V-Y/turn-down+FHL transfer (1-incision) 8/F/ 1: 4: V-Y advancement: 9/M/ 7: 6: Turn-down+FHL transfer (1-incision)
  5. It was the man who stormed the Bastille and kicked the door down in the first place and he did it on the 16th July With the help of Tommy Vance. John Lydon’s playlist that night on Vance’s show included Tim Buckley, The Creation, Augustus Pablo, Bobby Byrd, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Peter Hammill and Can and put paid to any punk rock.
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  7. Nurse With Wound: Discography. Compiled by Marco Piovanelli ([email protected]). Version of September 25, -- "I locked myself out of my apartment." Nurse With Wound is a musical project started in by Steven Stapleton, centered around the work with tapes, found materials and homebrew acoustic instruments.
  8. A Sucked Orange is basically a much more fleshed out version of the earlier cassette-only release, Scrag! Seeking a home for a collection of odds-and-ends on tape so cut up it had become unusable, Steven Stapleton chanced upon an offer to release an album on CD, by the people who would eventually form World Serpent and distribute NWW throughout the s.

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