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  1. With the myEnergy dashboard, you can see how your home or business uses electricity over time. Use it to identify ways to save money and become more energy efficient. The myEnergy dashboard: Shows you your energy use and if you have solar, what you export back .
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  3. Your email address will be your user name when logging into the system. Lognet is an IHS Markit Energy distribution mechanism for domestic US and International well log data, providing immediate access to requested well log data. Data may include Raster Logs, Digital Logs, Directional Surveys, and other Sub-surface report documents.
  4. Please enter the account # and email address associated with your account and click the "Reset" button. When entering your account number, do not include any zeros at the front of your account number or the last two numbers after the dash (-) Example: Account Number .
  5. For a broader view, consider visiting the Energy Dashboard on desktop. How do I dig deeper into my Projected Bill? Use the “More Info” link to expand beyond your Projected Bill dial and see a breakdown of recent bill amounts, meter readings and energy usage.
  6. To login to myEnergy, please enter your username and password in the boxes below and click "Login".

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