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8 thoughts on “ Bullshit Excuse - Bullshit Excuse (CD)

  1. 5 Bullshit Excuses You’re Using For Not Working Out. The most common reason people don’t stay healthy is because they have some kind of lame excuse preventing them from doing so. Fact is, weight training is one of the best things you can do to strengthen yourself physically and mentally, so by being a useless dicksplash and skipping the gym.
  2. Jun 30,  · Dishing out the bullshit excuses only result in having a bullshit life. A life you keep lying to yourself about. A life that deprives you of the one you really want all because of some lame excuse. If your goal in life is getting home after work and complaining, you are too tired to do anything, and just end up in front of the TV watching Netflix.
  3. Can't wait for it to get extended again in November with some other bullshit excuse. Lot of fanboys slurping on that big ol cock, hope the eventual paid cosmetic dlc gush will satisfy you. 37 comments.
  4. Mar 05,  · These fallacious barriers, or bullshit lies and excuses, if you wish to be honest, could go on forever with many more examples, and they probably sound very familiar to you. The key takeaway from these examples is the number of excuses given. Remember: “No bullshit, No days off, and No excuses.”.
  5. Apr 13,  · Quite frankly, I hate excuses. I don’t care what it is, whether it’s a time or money issue, give me an excuse and I will quickly prove that the excuse is not valid. Below I’m going to explain why I live excuse free, give personal examples of how I overcame certain obstacles, and how you can stop the bullshit excuses yourself.
  6. Why “I Don’t Have Enough Time” is a Bullshit Excuse. Alex Turnbull. 4 min. Share article: You have enough time. We all do. Here’s proof. I didn’t think it was a very good idea. Our market, I thought, wouldn’t respond well to the approach that my advisor was suggesting.
  7. I do not think it is a "bullshit excuse" and some people really DO have adhd. BUT many times it is used as an excuse to "calm kids down" who dont really have a problem, just unruley or need attention. ((Not all though)) 8 years ago Side: Bullshit Excuse. Support Dispute Clarify.
  8. Aug 29,  · Bullshit excuse #1: “I don’t have enough time” People in the Land of Bullshit love this excuse. They use it to get out of difficult situations like spending time with themselves and their loved ones. This way, they don’t have to sort through their actual shit.

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